Osho Meditation Vacation Retreat

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Join the Osho Meditation Weekend! Anadi shares Osho Meditation Weekends all over the world wherever he is invited. 

Meditative holidays


Enjoy the high energy of the Osho Meditation Weekend Retreat a few holidays days more together with fellow travellers on the path - your perfect vacation.

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Interested to extend your meditation retreat after the Osho Meditation Weekend? 


Osho Meditation Vacation is for you, if you wish to:

  • Enjoy together a few days more after the Osho Meditation Weekend
  • Combine inner and outer travels 
  • Relax, meditate and explore new surroundings
  • Deepen your commitment to meditation
  • Get rooted in joy, celebration, awareness where thoughts are not found
  • Give birth to a different lifestyle, the life of surrender, of let-go...

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