Osho Meditation Weekend Wajid

3 - 6 January 2019

You are most welcome to take a courageous jump into the ocean of life. Join the Buddha field and let your meditation flourish. Grow the art to simply be, to let go and relax into existence itself with Osho active meditation techniques - come meditate with Anadi at Wajid!

with Swami Anand Anadi
Anadi was born in Osho's home town, in the same street, where he grew up within Osho's vibration. For almost twenty years now, he has been traveling widely in Europe and India, guiding Osho Meditation Retreats. His meditative depth is rare and extremely helpful for any meditator to explore the world within and grow roots deep into existence itself.

Flowing from Thursday 19.00 till Sunday 20.00
Meditation, shared meals and overnight stay... Welcome!

€ 125 for the retreat
(including breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight stay)
or Thursday € 10, Friday € 40, Saturday € 40, Sunday € 35
(recommended to take part the entire retreat)

Meditation robe necessary, available at cost price € 10

Beware: This is the real thing - something is bound to happen..


Wajid Osho Meditation Centre
Prins Hendrikplein 1
2518 JA Den Haag
The Netherlands

If you arrive by plane, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are both close by. From there you take a direct train to the center of the Hague. Give us a call if you like to stay some time longer after the Weekend, you are most welcome. 

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You are most welcome to join the Osho Meditation Weekend with Anadi - whether you are a beginner standing at the door or having entered different inner rooms already - discover your inner palace and find the treasures that are hidden deep within..

Active Meditation

 We will explore different active Osho meditation techniques explained by Anadi based on vast experiences. All involve a beginning stage of activity followed by a period of silence. They are accompanied by music that has been specially composed to guide you through the different stages.   

Sannyas initiation

 If you wish to be initiated into sannyas, Anadi radiates the presence of Osho and is available to function as a witness. You can get a mala and name in a celebrative atmosphere.  

Maroon robe

We are meditating in a maroon robe, available at cost price € 10. The maroon robe creates an unifying atmosphere and helps to keep the attention on the inner rather than the outer. The color maroon, when worn by many people meditating together, adds to the collective meditative energy. 

Meals & Overnight stay

The weekend starts Thursday or Friday evening until Sunday evening. It begins with a two hours meditation session followed by two hour break in which we share a meal, followed by a good night sleep, two hour meditation, breakfast, meditation, lunch, meditation etc...

Enter your palace

Read a book, it can open a door but don't remain at the door. If you stand there, if you cling to the door, you will never enter the palace. And treasures are not there, nobody keeps treasures at the door.. They are hidden deep in the innermost shrine of your being. | Osho

Osho Meditation Weekend is for you, if you like to:

  • Experience the adventure of meditation 
  • Explore different Osho active meditation techniques
  • Start your inner journey or travel further into your innermost being 
  • Grow the art to simply be, to let go and relax into existence itself
  • Enjoy shared meals and overnight stays with fellow travellers
  • Jump into sannyas if you are longing for a love affair with the unknown... 

Info / reservation

 info@oshomeditations.org | +31 6 42 09 11 42 (Meera)