Osho Golden Childhood Tour India retreat

02 - 22 February 2020

One who is ready to risk everything: Welcome to Osho Tour India! 

The meditation retreat that brings you right at the feet of the master

Spontanious full programme and a highly authentic guide - just jump and float in the now here with whatever is there. Osho is fully present and working on you through his many devices. All cells of your being will be kissed alive!

This tour provides you as much an inner journey as an outer journey. 

Don't miss this rare opportunity..

"The tour was sensationable... crazy... fantastic..!" Sachi, from Japan

A journey to the unknown

Days: 21 days guided Tour

Price: 2100 euro (excl. int. flight)

Group size: 6-12 persons

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Intimate encounter


Born in Gadarwara, in the same street in which Osho grew up, Anadi knows the area through and through and introduces you to Osho's places and friends. 

Experience a rare intimate encounter with the master!



Starting in Pune, we are meditating and traveling through Madhya Prades (Central India) where Osho spent his life up to the age of 40 - Kuchwada, Gadarwara, Sagar, Jabalpur - meeting people who where close to him, going to places Osho talked about & loved to be - Khajuraho Temples and Marble Rocks. 

Practical info


 If you come from far away, Mumbai airport will be your point of arrival and departure. The Tour is all-inclusive: no need to pull out your wallet during the Tour, unless you like to buy some clothes and souvenirs. We will share rooms in Osho ashrams and hotels (3-4 stars). Traveling through Central rural India means basic facilities. 



Glimpses of the 'Osho Golden Childhood Tour 2016' shared by Meera. Published in Osho News on November 26, 2016: In a Dancing Bubble 

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Osho recalls his rebellious and mischievous childhood in his book 'Glimpses of a Golden Childhood'. The stories are fascinating, entertaining and inspiring and have the invaluable added dimension of the enlightened consciousness of the storyteller himself - They come to life in the Osho Golden Childhood Tour. A must read before joining! 



"This tour for me was pure medicine.
It brought me closer to Osho.
Every second of it was such a blessing."

Arjava, from Germany 


Osho Golden Childhood Tour is for you, if you long to:

  • Meditate at the places where Osho was born, went to school, lectured and became enlightened 
  • Meet the people who were close to Osho when he was young 
  • Explore the world and hidden meaning of the tantric Khajuraho temples
  • Discover the silence and beauty of the Marble Rocks near Jabalpur
  • Enjoy enchanting Osho ashrams, charming hotels and delicious Indian food 
  • Experience a rare intimate encounter with the master... 

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