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Meditation is not a solution to any problem, it solves nothing. It simply helps you to get rid of the mind, the problem-creator. It simply helps you to slip out of the mind like a snake slips out of the old skin. | Osho

Discover the knack of meditation with Swami Anand Anadi at one of our Osho meditation retreats. A new way of being will open up and change starts happening on its own accord.

Osho | active meditation | inner transformation | witnessing | no-mind | science of the inner | religiousness | devices | authenticity | sannyas | a love affair with the unknown.. 

Osho shares

Meditation retreats

Osho Golden Childhood Tour India

Travel into Osho's early life & your innermost being - visit the places in Central India where he grew up, went to school, studied, lectured and became enlightened - meet friends of him when he was young... 

[21 days]

Join this magical tour full of bliss, wonder and joy

Missing something, missing yourself? 

Want to find what you are looking for, not knowing what? 

Wish to live a life which does not feel like a complete waste? 

Just want to stop feeling overwhelmed, tense, miserable, depressed? 

Like to live more joyously, creatively - feeling at home within yourself? 

Osho Meditation Weekend

Explore different active Osho meditations techniques shared in a meditative climate of silence and love, flowing from Friday evening till Sunday - meditation, shared meals and overnight stay...

[2 days]

Meditate & Celebrate

Osho Meditation Vacation

Stay and relax a few holidays after joining the Osho Meditation Weekend, meditate, let-go and simply be. Combine the inner and outer journeys - explore nature, culture and your innermost being...

[4-7 days]

Come travel & bliss out

Osho Meditation Session

Taste an active Osho meditation technique explained thoroughly on the bases of vast experiences. Get a glimpse of the world within and deepen your practise of meditation - welcome! 

[1 1/2 hours]

Try & find out what meditation is all about


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