with Swami Anand Anadi

My meditation is simple. It is singing. It is dancing. It is sitting silently. | Osho


I am an invitation to take a courageous jump into the ocean of life. Loose yourself because that is the only way to find yourself.  | Osho 


Swami Anand Anadi has visited many rooms of his inner palace. He was born in Osho's home town where he grew up within Osho's vibration. His meditative quality helps you to discover your inner palace and to find the treasures that are hidden deep within - whether you are a beginner standing at the door or having entered different inner rooms already.

Come Join the Adventure of Meditation

Osho Meditation Session

Taste an active Osho meditation technique explained thoroughly on the bases of vast experiences. Get a glimpse of the world within and deepen your practise of meditation - welcome! 

[1 1/2 hours]

Osho Meditation Weekend

 Explore different active Osho meditations techniques shared in a meditative climate of silence and love, flowing from Friday evening till Sunday - meditation, shared meals and overnight stay...

[2 days]

Osho Meditation Vacation

Stay and relax a few holidays after joining the Osho Meditation Weekend, meditate, let-go and simply be. Combine the inner and outer journeys - explore nature, culture and your innermost being...

[4-7 days]

Osho Golden Childhood Tour India

Travel into Osho's early life & your innermost being - visit the places in Central India where he grew up, went to school, studied, lectured and became enlightened - meet friends of him when he was young... 

[21 days]


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Choose rightly

Osho Meditation Session is for you, if you want to:

  • try & find out what meditation is all about
  • taste an active Osho meditation technique
  • deepen your practice of meditation
  • drop the mask and bring out you original face
  • slip out of the mind like a snake slips out of the old skin
  • become extraordinarily ordinary...

Osho Meditation Weekend is for you, if you like to:

  • experience the adventure of meditation 
  • explore different Osho active meditation techniques
  • start your inner journey or travel further into your innermost being 
  • grow the art to simply be, to let go and relax into existence itself
  • enjoy shared meals and overnight stays with fellow travellers
  • jump into sannyas if you are longing for a love affair with the unknown... 

Osho Meditation Vacation is for you, if you wish to:

  • enjoy together a few days more after the Osho Meditation Weekend
  • combine inner and outer travels 
  • relax, meditate and explore new surroundings
  • deepen your commitment to meditation
  • get rooted in joy, celebration, awareness where thoughts are not found
  • give birth to a different lifestyle, the life of surrender, of let-go...

Osho Golden Childhood Tour is for you, if you long to:

  • meditate at the places where Osho was born, went to school, lectured and became enlightened 
  • meet the people who were close to Osho when he was young 
  • explore the world and hidden meaning of the tantric Khajuraho temples
  • discover how just looking at the Taj Mahal can change something within you
  • enjoy enchanting Osho ashrams, luxurious hotels and delicious Indian food 
  • experience a rare intimate encounter with the master... 

Beware: don't choose the convenient, the comfortable, the respectable, the socially acceptable. Choose something that rings a bell in your heart. | Osho 

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